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First virtual number is FREE

Deposit 0.0012 BTC and your first virtual number is FREE.

It’s fun. # 1. Anonymous Sign up

You only need to choose a username and password Anonymously Sign up. Please do not use your personal email or an username that you use on other services.

2. Deposit some funds

Send at least 0.004 BTC, otherwise you won’t be able to buy a number. We only wait for 1 confirmation.

If you want to use a physical number, send at least 0.01 BTC.

3. Buy a number

To buy a virtual number, you’ll be given a list of countries to choose from, and after you choose a country you’ll be given a list of numbers that are available. All of virtual numbers can send and receive SMS. Physical numbers can only receive SMS.

We offer physical numbers in Vietnam only, and physical numbers can not receive voicemail.

We don’t recycle numbers, so all of the numbers listed are fresh ones that have not been used by Anonymous SMS users before.

4. Start using the number

Use the phone number on whatever service you are interested in verifying.

If you want to send a message, you can do so now. Sending messages costs 0.0002 BTC per message.

If the SMS message is not received as expected, shoot us an email and with the service that is failing to work and we can refund your payment.

5. Tell your friends

If Anonymous SMS was helpful for you, tell your friends so that they know about it too.

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