Register a Facebook account anonymously

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Facebook is famous for its creepy data collection policies and power. They were found in be in violation of EU law for aggressive user tracking. If you want to use their service without being watched, you must register with their platform using an anonymous phone number and you need to protect yourself from cookie tracking.

If you don’t want Facebook to track you by your mobile phone number read below on how to verify Facebook accounts anonymously.

How to register a Facebook account with Anonymous BTC SMS

  1. Open in a incognito window with Google Chrome or Firefox. This will protect yourself from data leaks.
  2. Complete the registration information on the right side of the page.
  3. Login to your Anonymous BTC SMS account
  4. Add funds to your account and select a phone number to use for your verification
  5. Enter the phone number into the verification form. Facebook will send you a text message with a code you must type in. Refresh your sms inbox for the phone number you purchased to see new SMS messages sent to your account.
  6. Check back into your Anonymous BTC SMS account and you will see a new SMS verification message from Facebook
  7. Enter that number into Facebook’s online form
  8. And you are in! Enjoy your private and anonymous Facebook verification registration with Anonymous BTC SMS