Verify a Snapchat account anonymously

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Many mobile apps want to track their users and limit how many accounts they create by requiring they register with a valid phone number. Snapchat wants to know who you are so they can capture as much information about you as possible. Once they have collected your phone number, they are able to match that data with other privacy invading 3rd party services to build a social profile for ad delivery. Now that they are preparing for an IPO in 2017, they need to start focusing on profit and revenue, even at the cost of their users.

If you don’t want Snapchat to track you by your mobile phone number read below on how to verify Snapchat anonymously.

How to register a Snapchat account with Anonymous BTC SMS

  1. If you haven’t yet, download Snapchat onto your mobile device.
  2. Open up the application and select “Sign up”
  3. Choose a new and unique username. Do not use a username you have used on other websites that may link back to your true identity. That is how you get tracked.
  4. Next you will be asked to enter a phone number for verification.
  5. Login to your Anonymous BTC SMS account
  6. Add funds to your account and select a phone number to use for your verification
  7. Enter the phone number into the verification form. Snapchat will send you a text message with a code you must type in. Refresh your sms inbox for the phone number you purchased to see new SMS messages sent to your account.
  8. type in the verification code seen in your inbox
  9. Enjoy your private and anonymous Snapchat verification registered with Anonymous BTC SMS