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Create an anonymous Twitter account to anonymize your freedom of speech. Be political without worrying about your identity to be compromised.

How to register an Twitter account with Anonymous BTC SMS

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. Signout of any existing Twitter accounts.
  3. Select register and enter an email and a fake name.
  4. Twitter will ask you to verify your phone number to unlock your account.
    twitter registration
  5. Login to your Anonymous BTC SMS account
  6. Add funds to your account and select a phone number to use for your verification
  7. Enter your anonymous phone number into the sms verification form. Twitter will send you an sms message with a code you must type in. Refresh your sms inbox for the phone number you purchased to see new SMS messages sent to your account.
    twitter registration
  8. And you are in! Enjoy your private and anonymous Twitter verification registration with Anonymous BTC SMS